Friday, December 5, 2008

Oprah Romance Scam

On yesterday's Oprah show, they dedicated a whole show to SCAMS, not just Nigerian email scams, but all kinds of other scams. I'm going to focus on one of those scams --- The Romance Scam. This online scam is conducted at many of the popular dating sites. They meet you in the normal way. They send you a picture of a very good looking man/woman (the real person to whom this picture belongs is also being scammed since they have no idea that their picture is being used in these kind of scams!) They tell you everything you want to hear, so you are going along thinking you've met the perfect guy/girl (yes, there are also women scammers) until they start asking you for money. Here are some warning signs taken directly off this site

When Contact is First Made

* They immediately want to get off the website and onto Yahoo IM or MSN IM
* Their profile seems to disappear off the website immediately after conversation begins
* They claim it was destiny or fate and you are meant to be together
* They immediately ask for your picture and they send you a picture of themselves
* They immediately want your address so as to send you flowers, candy, and teddy bears, often purchased with stolen credit cards
* They claim to love you either immediately or within 24-48 hours
* They immediately start using pet names with you: hon/hun baby/babe sweety/sweetie
* They claim God brought you to him/her
* They typically claim to be from the US (or your local region) but they are overseas, or going overseas mainly to Nigeria, sometimes the UK for business or family matters

Thus if you have been taken by a Romance Scam like the Oprah Romance scam go to the above mentioned site. They have a lot of resources there to help you. And if you want to be more informed about scams in general go here Chris Malta's Surviving EBiz On Chris' site you will find all kinds of scambuster tips to help you recognize the signs of a scam and it is all 100% FREE!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is only two days away. Are you going to be looking online to get some shopping deals on Cyber Monday? I'm sure there will be a lot of good Cyber Monday sales out there, but lets not forget there are also a lot of online scams! So, while you are looking for those Cyber Monday Deals don't get sucked into one of the millions of the online scams... Remember if something looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Here's a video that will help you Recognize the Warning Signs of a Scam.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Diet Scam Revealed!

On the KTLA local news last night they did an expose on the Wu Yi diet scam. This guy is a real winner when it comes diet scams because on his website he has a little talking head guy that says,"Ripoffs and scams are everywhere in this industry and it makes me madder than a wet hen," and "If you don't successfully lose weight with our tea within 60 days, simply send it back for a refund on the tea,"! But come to find out this is a SCAM!

After you give him your credit card number, you'll soon discover on your next statement you have been scammed because you'll see charges from other companies. These other companies you never authorized to bill you, or did you? On his website if you look REALLY close inside one of those fancy graphics, you will see some of the fine print. Some of the fine print says that when you sign up for Wu-Yi Source program, you have "... also unlocked a free seven day and twenty-eight day trial to the celebrity-proven Insider Secrets Tips package and the Comprehensive Weight Loss eBook package ..." So basically, you have now agreed to at least three separate programs and three separate monthly charges to your credit card. And the best part is, even if you call to cancel one of these "Free" offers you just signed up for, it doesn't measn you have canceled them all. You have to call each company individually to cancel!

Thanks to the KTLA news for bringing this out in the open. So, now that you have been scammed and you realize it, what are you going to do? You could go to Chris Malta's Surviving EBiz and find out how to get your money back! Chris Malta has a video on how to get your money back from a scammer.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twitter and Internet Marketing

I'm trying my hardest to get an Internet Marketing career going so I was on Twitter the other day and I saw this tweet: "Wondering if there are any webinars on SEM, SEO, SMM, Internet Marketing that don't involve a pitch about a piece of crap service or tool?" and I thought to myself what a chance to get this person to Chris Malta's Surviving EBiz site where you can find out all about the latest online scams out there by viewing 12 videos that show you how to avoid online scams. BUT I don't know how to reply to this person in Twitter because they aren't following me, so I can't send them a direct message. I am only following them.

After a little reseasrch I found it was impossible to reply to someone who isn't following you! There aren't any kind of Twitter tools to help you to find and reply to this person. I find this very frustrating because that was such as great chance to let this person view the Chris Malta's Surviving EBiz and decide for themselves what is an online scam and what is NOT an online scam.

I wish Twitter would fix this problem so the next time I see a "juicy tidbit" like this one, I could jump all over it! If you agree or disagree with me on this issue, please leave me a comment.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are You Afraid Of Online Scams?

Have you ever wanted to know how to make money online, but you were afraid of the online scam? You are not alone because I too have been wrestling with this very same question until I found this site. Chris Malta's Surviving EBiz On this site you will find all kinds of tips of how to avoid the online scam through Chris' EBiz Scambuster Tips Video Series. There are 12 different videos that will help you beat the online scam. You will also find 5 different original EBiz tunes, some EBiz Bedtime Stories and even a little Twisted News. So, I guess you are asking yourself, how much is this going to cost me? Nothing, nada, it is absolutely FREE! So, if you want to know how to make money online but are afraid of the online scam just click here Chris Malta's Surviving EBiz and you'll never be afraid of the online scam again!

If you have already fallen prey to one of these online scammers, watch this video. It tells you how to get your money back!

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